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First Observer welcomes TMC as our newest freight affiliate.


Training Center TRAINING CENTER Our training program teaches every citizen how to be aware and alert of what's happening on their surroundings. This will enable us to learn what to do for unwanted situations, what to look for and how to report it properly to law enforcement and security.
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Training Center ISAC The Highway Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) serves as the analytical and communications focal point for TSP08. In close cooperation with DHS, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the Highway ISAC, a team of well-trained and experienced transportation security professionals, collectively detect,assess financial services( http://cachllc.net), process, analyze, and respond to incidents which might pose a threat to national security.


General Trucking Training Module The basic course in the program. Points out national security situation and importance of the trucking industry to the economy and the nation. Raises awareness among the drivers to be aware of environs in plain view, to observe, assess and report suspicious activities. Points out relationships among the drivers, the call center, law enforcement, and the analysis center. Intended for all road professionals, but primarily drivers.

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First Observer welcomes New Age Security Solutions (NASS) as our newest program affiliate.
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