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First Observer welcomes New Age Security Solutions (NASS) as our newest program affiliate.
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Our Commitment To Privacy

HMS Company serving as the prime contractor for TEAM HMS will take the lead role to ensure that all individual identification information collected and maintain from individual enrolled in the program. This information include all prior date collected and stored as well as all new information that will be collected as a result of this new Grant award. Team HMS will implement a security policy and procedure program on day one of the grant award, that will ensure the accurately of information collected and to mandate information security operating procedure that will provide adequate protection of all personal information. Personal information collected from program participants will be accessible by team members and personnel that are assigned specific duties and responsibilities associated with and related to the collection, storage and use of this information. This personal information, collected with the consent of the individuals enrolling in the program will be, under the direct control of the Security Officer. It will be entered into the appropriate database for usage by assigned personnel in the call center or ISAC areas for identification of callers, for provision of contact information for follow-up by assigned personnel, or for designated U.S. Government personnel.

Team HMS has assigned a security officer for this program, the security officer is vested with the reasonability of ensuring that all participant personal information is never comprised, nor accessible to any individual or team member that is not authorized to have access to the information. Team HMS' security officer will process certain security clearances. All participants personal information that is turn over Team HMS by the DHS or collected by Team HMS from Program participants will be stored one dedicated Computer Server with appropriate security fire walls and located within a secure areas within Team HMS' program office location in Alexandria. The security officer will be accountable directly to Team HMS' Program manager.

Team HMS will actively maintain the privacy of all participants' information on a daily basis. In no case will any access to trainee's / participants identification information be made available to any member of Team HMS from the transportation stakeholder community.

The policy is in effect from the day the grant notification was formally received by Team HMS and will be in place throughout the operation of the grant.

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First Observer welcomes New Age Security Solutions (NASS) as our newest program affiliate.
First Observer Web Based Training - Click the Training icon above to Participate.
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