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The basic course in the program. Points out national security situation and importance of the trucking industry to the economy and the nation. Raises awareness among the drivers to be aware of environs in plain view, to observe, assess and report suspicious activities. Points out relationships among the drivers, the call center, law enforcement, and the analysis center. Intended for all road professionals, but primarily drivers.

CDL Training Module

A carryover of the basic course, but intended for school bus drivers with specific routes. Added to the general aspects of the first course will be specifics on bus safety - morning checks and equipment inspection - and suspicious activity at scheduled stops and evasive protective actions to employ.

Fast Transport Training

If you had prior training in School Bus Watch, Highway Watch, First Observer in another transportation domain, HM 232, a version of "Win Against TerrorismTM", or any recognized anti-terrorism awareness course, you are welcome to become a registered First Observer by taking this 8 minute Refresher and Transition course.

Cooled Driving Module

This basic course of First Observer Program is designed for law enforcement personnel training. This module is delivered into 5 sections and takes only about 25mins to complete. It involves the program's Mission; law enforcements and truckers threats; how to assess and report them; and even sample cases where in First Observer program has helped in saving lives.

Flat Cargo Training

The Cargo Domain is one that we are concerned Terrorists might attempt to exploit to press home their attacks. This module teaches Cargo and Supply Chain Professionals how Terrorists might conduct an operation in this domain and how to report on the precursor activities we have an opportunity to observe.

CDL Training

First Observer is about protecting our citizens and our critical transportation infrastructure. This module focuses on how those professionals working at Key Resources locations such, as Bridges, Tunnels, etc. can make a difference and help prevent Terrorist Attacks.

ACME Trucker Pay

Lots of good work is being done in the HAZMAT community regarding the requirements of HM-232 and other regulations. This module shows how the professionals in the HAZMAT community can have a reporting mechanism that puts together pieces of the Terrorist puzzle and helps us get out ahead of potential attacks using or Targeting HAZMAT.

Ohio Transport Commission

Professionals working on our Highways everyday are well positioned to see things that just don’t look right. This module will show Highway Workers how to observe, assess and report suspicious activity in their domain.

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First Observer addresses the Highway transportation professionals who access our nation’s ports. It is hypothesized that our ports may be an avenue that Terrorists use to introduce weapons of Mass Destruction into the United States. This module talks about what to look for and what to report.

Truck Rental and Leasing Training Module

The attack in Oklahoma City in 1995 was a nearly 5,000 pound bomb in a rental truck. The first World Trade Center attack used a rental truck as well. This module alerts the rental community on what to look for that might indicate a rental is in fact intended to be turned into a weapon and what to do about reporting on such possible concerns.

courtesy of MBI transport

The first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 was pressed home through a parking facility. This module emphasizes the ability of Parking professionals to observe suspicious activity and help prevent Terrorist Attacks.

Operation Secure Transport

The (Motor Coach/ OST) is a training module created by TSA to provide the Motor Coach industry with specific security, safety and awareness training. This course is intended to increase the awareness of Motor Coach operators, dispatchers, mechanics and other support personnel.